Best VPN Softwares for Mac in 2018 – Our top 5 choices

A VPN (virtual private network) is a security tool you can use to safeguard your confidential information online. In the simplest of terms, A VPN can be thought of as a tunnel between your computer and a remote server operated by the VPN software. This allows you to surf the worldwide web or carry out all your activities using the remote servers IP address and system details. Thus, it would seem all your internet activity is originating from the remote server, effectively rendering your own computer invisible.

VPN Softwares

Why Would I Need A VPN?

The two most important reasons are:

For reasons of security:

There is no dearth of cyber criminals out there just waiting for an opportunity to phish out your confidential information and use it for their personal benefit. A VPN encrypts all of your Internet traffic and passes it through several layers of security protocols and essentially reroutes a would-be hacker some where else, stopping him in his tracks.

To bypass internet censorship:

A VPN conceals your true geographic location and spoofs your IP address. This would allow you to unlock geo-restricted content, like certain youtube channels and also websites which have been blocked by your respective government or ISP.

If you are a Macbook user, you’re already well on your way to consolidating your online security as Apple is renowned for its privacy protection protocols. With the proper VPN software, your system could become an impenetrable fortress, guarded against hackers from around the world.

We’ve compiled a list of what we think are the best VPN Softwares you should invest in for your Mac.

1. ExpressVPN

One of the industry’s best, ExpressVPN is more often than not ranked as the best VPN software available on the market and it certainly lives up to the hype.

It has all the necessary features a VPN should have, primarily a killswitch, DNS leak protection, 256-bit SSL encryption and more.It is the fastest of all the VPNs we tested out, and it might actually increase your download speed.It has servers in more than 80 countries with the VPN provider for Macbooks located in Great Britain.You get fast connection unfortunately,expressvpn price is high for many users that’s why you can use expressvpn coupon that will reduce the actual price.

The interface is simplistic and engaging, and you should have no problems in setting it up.


  • Unparalleled number of servers
  • 24/7 customer care
  • Total P2P support for torrenting
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Doesn’t Store Usage logs


  • Fairly expensive at $8.32 per month
  • Feedback report with some connection logs are used for maintenance

2. Buffered

Buffered VPN

Buffered was made with a particular emphasis on Mac Systems. For Mac owners, Buffered will meet all of your expectations and more.

Its primary server is based out of Hungary, well outside the jurisdictional boundaries of the USA and the UK.

It utilizes state-of-the-art innovative technologies like open port detection and DNS leak protection and also features the best 256-bit SSL OpenVPN encryption on the market.

They have servers located in 33 countries, and it’s servers almost never go offline.


  • Super fast speeds
  • Server located outside of the USA
  • 30-day money back guarantee and free trial
  • Supports P2P torrenting
  • Absolute anonymity guaranteed
  • 5 simultaneous connections supported


  • On the more expensive side at $8.25 per month

3. NordVPN


NordVPN should be the VPN of choice for those who value their privacy and security over everything else. NordVPN just does not compromise when it comes to its privacy protection policies, much like Apple itself and thereby it makes an ideal partner for a Mac System.

It supports an extensive Mac VPN server network, with greater than 500 servers in more than 40 countries. It doesn’t store any of your usage logs and offers full online anonymity and even the option to pay via bitcoin. The interface is intuitive and allows you to switch between servers depending on your requirements. However, because of the excess encryption, it is often a tad slow.


  • Features an excellent app for your iPhone as well
  • Wide Range of servers available
  • Supports up to 6 simultaneous connections
  • DNS Leak Protection and Killswitch
  • Strong P2P support
  • Zero Logs Policy
  • Relatively Cheap at $6 per month


  • Speed is slow on certain servers
  • Doesn’t block ad-trackers

4. IPVanish


The first in our list to be based out of the United States, IPVanish has consistently maintained its ranking as one of the top VPN programs out there.

IPVanish’s primary focus is on the maintenance of your online anonymity and even though it’s based out of the US, the zero logs policy more than make up for it. Speeds are incredibly fast uniformly across all of its servers spread over 60 countries worldwide. It comes loaded with the usual, necessary DNS leak protection, Killswitch, and P2P torrenting support. It also offers payment through bitcoins for increased anonymity. Although the software is easy to use, the interface in itself isn’t too visually appealing.


  • Excellent Speeds
  • Zero Log Policy
  • Leak protection and Killswitch
  • P2P torrenting supported
  • Free 7-day trial
  • Cheap at 6.49$ per month


  • Based out of USA
  • Does not permit port forwarding
  • Only supports 2 simultaneous connections

5. ibVPN


The cheapest of our list at only around $3 to $4 per month, ibVPN packs a pretty big punch in a small package.

The software is reliable and sturdy and also comes with a bunch of setup guides to make sure you run into no hassles whatsoever in its installation. It offers reliable security protocols and encryption and also allows payment via bitcoin. Based out of Romania and with servers located in more than 40 countries, ibVPN scores the maximum concerning value for money.


  • Supports P2P
  • Includes killswitch
  • Very cheap starting at $3.08 per month
  • No Usage Logs
  • 15-day free trial


  • Mediocre Speeds
  • Connection Logs are stored

Apart from the top 5 mentioned above in the list, other VPN softwares worth checking out include:

  • Private Internet Access (about $2.55 per month)
  • CyberGhost (about $5.83 per month)
  • PureVPN (about $5 per month)

Cybercrime is on the rise like never before with hackers figuring out new ways to rob you of your personal information every day. Hackers aren’t your only threat however as various websites, and even your own government may be tracking your every move across the internet.

Remember that the internet is potentially a very dangerous place and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Investing in a VPN software would be good for your peace of mind, and you will also be protected from a boatload of security problems down the road.

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