What is a VPN?

A virtual private network (VPN) is a special type of computer network that remotely links two physically separate networks over a secure, encrypted path via the Internet. For example, a user in Europe connects over a VPN to a network in the USA. The connection is made via the Internet, but the tunnel created between the the two is encrypted. The result is that the European user can access the USA side network resources as if they were physically connected to that USA network.

How does the VPN Machine work?

Using our secure VPN, you connect from your home or office to the VPN Machine and then out on to the Internet. The result is that no matter where you are in the world your connection to the Internet is from the VPN Machines server and not your PC or mobile device. As a result, your browsing and usage of the Internet become anonymous. Also blocked or restricted websites become available as those site are accessed via the VPN Machine.

Does the VPN Machine secure all protocols like ICQ, VoIP or FTP?

Once you are connected to the VPN Machine, all applications send their data over the secure, encrypted connection.

Can I connect to the VPN Machine with multiple computers at the same time?

Each VPN Machine account can only be used for one concurrent connection. It is possible to buy additional accounts at any time, however some routers/firewalls have trouble handling multiple VPN connections to the same destination.

What type of VPN connections are you providing?

The VPN Machine provides PPTP and IPSec connections.

Does VPN Machine support Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad and Android?

Yes! The VPN Machine is compatible with nearly all OSs and smart phones.