How To Access Your PayPal Account From Secure VPN Server All Around the World

PayPal is a well known solution for online payments with good security that facilitates online payment for both sellers and buyers. PayPal utilizes different security mechanisms to identify fraudulent transactions and protect its users. It creates a profile for each user and records the users activities such as old passwords, secret questions and connection IP addresses. In addition, it compares the users IP address with its physical address and country of residence. This security mechanism allows PayPal to detect abnormal activity or unauthorized access to the PayPal accounts.

Although, activity profiling is a good security mechanism for user protection, it can be problematic for those who are accessing their accounts from different IP addresses. As soon as a user makes a payment from their PayPal account with a new IP address which is not in PayPals records, then PayPal can limit the account pending review and identity verification. This is a time consuming process as the user needs to supply their government issued ID card and proof of address to lift the account limitation.

Cyber security experts suggest accessing the Internet through a VPN account for more secure Internet browsing. In addition to security, the VPN server allows you to have a fixed IP address regardless of your actual location. This could be a good solution for those who access the Internet from different geographical locations such as flight crews or business travelers.

Disclaimer: PayPal is a registered trademark of PayPal, Inc

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