How to SetUp Private Internet Access on Android Phones

Private Internet Access is a method of going online while keeping all your communications and activity protected. It is achieved using Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunneling. This is where encrypted, secure,digital tunnels are created between you and the target server that you are exploring on the Internet. VPN technology works at the TCP/IP level. Therefore, your applications are also protected in addition to
the data that you read or send in your Internet session.

While this service was initially only available for computer systems, VPNs can now be utilized in smartphones and tablets as well. This is achieved using specially-made applications such as the Private Internet Access Android app. This application is available at the Google Play app store. It is developed with this technology embedded in it to allow for secure Internet exploration in your Android smartphone or tablet. Here is How to Setup Private Internet Access on Android.

The procedure

The first step is to download Private Internet Access app. This can be done directly from the Google Play store or the PIA website. As you download it, make sure to allow “In-App Purchases”. Doing so makes it possible for the installation to be completed. The Private Internet Access app requires Android 2.2 and above for it to function properly. After installation is complete, tap on the green button labeled “OPEN” so as to launch it.

After opening

Once you launch the application, you will find a login form asking for a user name and a password. You can get your details from a welcome email which is sent to you from Private Internet Access. After entering your personal details, proceed to indicate your email address in a dedicated box and then tap the green button labeled “LOG IN”. In this setup step, you will also observe the pricing for the application.

You can either choose between $6.95 per month or $39.95 every year. You can use the private Internet access coupon code “VPNFan discount”. It will allow you to save even more money when paying for the service.

Process after logging in

Once you log into the Private Internet Access application, you will find a main connection screen. It has a slider that you are required to manipulate so as to enjoy the private Internet access on your phone.

Upon logging in, the application is set to provide you with an Automatic location of proxies for your private Internet access. This choice is indicated in the main connection screen under the slider. Private Internet Access application allows you to customize the location that you want your traffic routed through. You can choose a different location by tapping on an encircled greater than sign on the location choice tab. This will take you to a screen with many different countries and cities for example AU Sydney, Brazil and AU Melbourne. You can choose any one of them to be the routing path for your traffic in order to surf the Internet anonymously.

Drag the slider to the right to create a connection through any of the locations that you have chosen. This will prompt an Attention screen indicating that PIA intends to make a private Internet connection in your phone. Check the box at the bottom showing that you trust the app and tap OK. The application will go back to the connection screen and display a status indicated “Authenticating”. After a few seconds, it will display a status indicated “Connected”.

After successful connection

Once you are connected, the application will show a “Connected” status. It will also show you some IP addresses of how the traffic is being routed around the world to protect your identity online. As a matter of fact, the application gives a new, proxy IP address to your device for complete protection. In addition to this, all your Internet traffic is heavily encrypted.


You can now move from the application to your regular Internet browsing application. Start it up and continue to browse as usual. The Private Internet Access application protects your data, applications and any other activities which you perform online. The steps above show you How to Setup Private Internet Access on Android. They are accurate and can help to protect you and your information from
hackers and malicious websites on the Internet.

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