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If you are currently combing through places looking for a VPN service provider that is going to give you your money’s worth; well this could possibly be some of the biggest news. Currently battling for the top spot some with other major VPN service powerhouses, Ironsocket is fast becoming one of the most sought after VPN service provider out there.

First introduced in 2005, it is quite fascinating how Ironsocket has gradually developed to reach a point where it is now. If you are still wondering if it is worth your money.

Servers location

Ironsocket 50+ servers are well spread out all over the world. You can actually access server in 36 countries and this wide range of locations ensures that customers access the content they want, no matter where they are. There is always a server near you.

Pricing plans

Compared to the rest of services out there; Ironsocket comes with a very simple pricing plans. There is only one package and the package comes fully packed with all the features and functions that Ironsocket has to offer. The package is available in 3 pricing plans.

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  1. One month for $6.99 per month
  2. Six months for $35.95, this comes to $5.99 per month
  3. 12 months for $49.95, this comes to $.16 per month


When you talk of features that anyone would possiblywant in a VPN service, Ironsocket probably comes with them all. Here a few of the key features which customers can net from this great VPN service.

  1. VPN Protocols such as L2T/IPSec
  2. PPTP and OpenVPN
  3. Access to HTTP, SOCKS5 as well as, DNS Proxy

Security and speed

Even though there is no mention of how many shared IPs are used on the network, as far as security is concern, Ironsocket offers one of the best security with their OpenVPN 1024 bit data encryption. As if that is not even enough; although a number of customers have had issues with speed as it is not one of the fastest servers you could try today, the cost/ratio for the performance that is normally delivered is excellent.

Customer Support

When it comes t any service, customer support is of the essence, and looking at the kind of customer care and support this provider has in place, it is evident they had that in mind. Customers can contact them through ticket systems which is available 24/7. The best part, the support team is very efficient and typically customers can wait for a few minutes t0 get a response depending on the query.

Registration process

Sign up is pretty simple; although this can be obtained from your payment method, customers are asked a few personal details and the conformation email often arrives almost instantly upon sign up with all the links to setup instruction and account details

At the end; from what customers are saying, it is evident Ironsocket offers an array of basic features and those that stand out like the DNS proxy. The also have in place a good selection of servers to ensure their customer enjoy a great internet browsing experience. It is worth every consideration.

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