New Affordable VPN Service Launched – Makes Anonymous Surfing Easy And Lets Mobile Users Access Unencrypted Public Wi-Fi Networks Safely

A new affordable VPN service, the VPN Machine, has been launched. Aims to make anonymous web surfing easy and cheap while helping mobile users access unencrypted public Wi-Fi networks in safety.

ArtSec Group LLC, the information security and technology consultancy company, is pleased to announce the launch of the VPN Machine, an affordable VPN service available worldwide to clients wishing to securly use the Internet, unlock block websites or access unencrypted public Wi-Fi networks in safety.

A virtual private network (VPN) is a special type of computer network that remotely links two physically separate networks over a secure, encrypted path via the Internet. This results in better online security and privacy. By using a VPN, you can mask your true location and IP address and so use the Internet anonymously.

Advantages of the VPN machine are:

  • Be Anonymous – No one can track what you are doing, watching or downloading on the internet.
  • Avoid Censorship – By pass restrictions placed on your Internet activity by certain oppressive governments.
  • Bypass Geographic Restrictions – Access websites and services which require you to be in the USA.
  • Watch Streaming TV from the US – Expatriates can access sites like Hulu and others.

With the VPN Machine what you can and cant access on the Internet is no longer determined by your geographical position or by politicians. For some Internet users in the world services like Skype are blocked. However with the VPN Machine these services become available again.

Also web surfers using public Wi-Fi hotspots can secure their connection and stop all their data being sent in “the clear”. Public Wi-Fi networks are notoriously easy for hackers to use to steal passwords and personal information. Using the VPN Machine means you can use the Internet securely even in the most public places.

The most surprising aspect of this great service is its price. Just $36.99 per year. That is just over $3 per month for safety, security and peace of mind. Plus you get access to the huge range of different services that are blocked or restricted for Internet users outside the USA.

About the VPN Machine

The VPN Machine is a new venture of the ArtSec Group. Combining the groups information security knowledge along with its technical expertise, the VPN Machine is an affordable service to help bring back security to the Internet.

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