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Private Internet access serves as a source for comprehensive VPN service that is mainly focused on user preference and security. One of the things which make it stand out is the fact that its android app offers an incredible level of protection for open (public) Wi-Fi networks.


In addition to the above, the service itself is generally, priced very reasonably. to help you familiarize yourself best with the service, below is a detailed overview of Private Internet Access review.

Pricing & Plans

The service has on offer three main pricing plans (all of which only differ in terms of the monthly cost and the subscription period). Subscription for a month costs $6.95 (a very reasonable figure compared to other similar service providers) while subscription for a whole year interestingly pushes the monthly private Internet access cost down to $3.25.

As far as VPNs go, this is impressively very affordable. in addition to the above, there is also a seven-day money back guarantee which helps make new customers feel secure while signing up for the service.

Payment for the service on the other hand according to Private Internet Access review is very easy. This is because payments can be made through a range of credit cards as well as web payment schemes such as Google wallet, Amazon, Paypal etc In fact; there is even a welcome option which allows for payments with absolute anonymity through bit coins.

Glowing Features

The service (Private Internet Access) is based in the United States and is a subsidiary of the well known London Trust Media Inc. Servers are evenly distributed in at least 29 prime locations across 18 countries from the US, Australia and Europe, with almost 3000 servers at the users disposal in total.

In addition to the above, Users are also allowed up to 5 simultaneous connections from any combination of devices.Other equally important features that are characteristic of private Internet access include:

i. DNS leak protection
ii. An internet kill switch
iii. Socks5 Proxy
iv. An IPv6 Leak Protection
v. Port Forwarding
vi. P2P and VOIP Support

Performance (Speed, DNS and IP Test)

The outcome of the speed tests for private internet access is generally impressive. For instance, connecting to the nearest UK server revealed a 25 Mbps mark which translates to around 85% of the 30Mbps test connection. Other than that, the connection times were generally okay as most of them are established successfully with a very short period before they finally settle on a stable connection.

DNS and IP checks are rock solid taking into consideration the fact that Private internet access makes use of its own DNS servers plus it DNS leak protection helps prevent the windows test system from spilling out unshielded requests to the ISP

Security & Privacy

There is a range of protocols as well as encryption strengths on offer, open VPN on the other hand forms the main focus and offers up to AES-256 for the encryption of DataStream, SHA256 for the authentication of data and RSA-4096 for handshaking. It is equally worth noting that freedom of users to choose is one of the basis of the private Internet access.

This simply means that users are able to choose their preferred type and level of encryption from the options made available by the clients. In fact, there is even a page on the main website which is solely dedicated to helping users make the right choices.


Private internet access users are able to seek out support through live chat on the website upon provision of their names and email addresses.

Good thing is, there is an ETA display as you wait for an agent to be assigned to your case. in addition to the live chat, users are also free to submit tickets which are accompanied by an estimated wait time displayed on the front page besides the fact that they can upload files to support their queries.

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