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If you are currently looking for a leading VPN service provider, Torguard is possibly what you should be going for Next. It is above average VPN service provider with servers in a number of countries through out the world. It is true a number of concerns have been raised by customers in the past; however, compare to the rest, Torguard provide a reasonably priced VPN service.

Top Features

Over the years, Torguard have continued to grow in terms of VPN hosting capabilities. They now operate more than 1200 servers and all located in over 42 countries in and around the world. Another great aspect of Torguard; service is the use of dedicated stealth servers for areas with web control such as China. Users can also connect with up to 5 devices at any one time.

Here are top features of Torguard. Amazing is n’t

  1. Bit Torrent Proxy and VPN service
  2. Unlimited bandwidth
  3. PGP encrypted webmail
  4. Multiple payment methods
  5. It supports the following platform ( Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and Linux)
  6. PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP and BitTorrent Proxy Clients
  7. Anonymous IP addresses
  8. Compatible with DD-WRT routers

Pricing and plans

Torguard currently offers several tiers of subscription with increasing benefits, as well as, discounts in proportion to how long you sign up. Their basic VPN package is pried at $10 a month. Torguard also offer a special VPN Plus Proxy bundle for $11.54 a month. The best part; the bundled offer normally comes with money back guarantee and the same support and server option included in the VPN and proxy service pack.

As if that is not even enough; there is also the anonymous VPN. This is basically the normal VPN offering that is available for customer for $9.95 per month. Torguard also offer free 10 MB inbox anonymous email or unlimited storage packages on two cost plans; first is $5.33 per month for the quarterly plan or $4.16 per month on the yearly plan.

Customer service and support

Just like other similar VPN service providers out there, Torguard has a normal customer support system that includes ticketing system and live chat support. This support is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Users can easily contact them should they feel they need any clarification about Torguard service and packages at any time of the day.

Getting started

For many people, the shopping process is a little bit involving and confusing; it is just more than click on the buy now button. Thankfully, Torguard has complete set up guides for major BitTorrent clients including Vuze, uTorrent and Deluge. Plus, it can be configured with any other clients that support proxy servers.


Overall, looking at Torguard, it is evident they lack most of the extras provided by other similar service providers; however, it is still a solid VPN service provider with much better performance and simple interface. After all, with impeccable connections speeds, unlimited data transfers, smart OpenVPN software and multi-device compatibility, what else could anyone want? It is worth every consideration.

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